OWFC Newsletter No. 1554

OWFC Newsletter No. 1554

August 10th, 2015

End of Season summary

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400th Anniversary School Games

400th Anniversary School Games

August 27th, 2015

[ Saturday September 19, 2015; 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. ] Come join us on the 19th September for part of the Schools 400th Anniversary celebrations, as Old Wilsonians take on the School Boys.

Old Wilsonians 1st XI vs School Boys 1st XI – 3pm KO

Old Wilsonians 4th XI vs School Boys 2nd XI – 1pm KO

Old Wilsonians 6th XI vs School Boys 4th XI – 1pm [...]

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Annual Subs Are Now Due

Annual Subs Are Now Due

August 27th, 2015

Time to pay your annual subs. No pay, no play

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OWFC Online Shop

OWFC Online Shop

July 30th, 2013

The OWFC shop is now here for all your matchday and training needs. 5% of all sales go straight into the club accounts.

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Latest Team Results

Team Score Opponent Date Comp Loc
1st XI L 1-0 Old Carthusians 1st XI 29/08 VMC Away
2nd XI W 3-1 Dorkinians 2nd XI 29/08 FRIE Hawes Down
3rd XI W 5-1 Old Blues 3rd XI 29/08 FRIE Hawes Down
4th XI L 0-1 BB Eagles 4th XI 18/04 SAL Hayes
5th XI L 3-0 Old Thorntonians 4th XI 29/08 FRIE Away
6th XI - Old Thorntonians 5th XI 29/08 FRIE Away
7th XI L 0-4 Alleyn Old Boys 6th XI 29/08 FRIE Coney Hall
8th XI W 4-5 7th XI 22/08 FRIE Coney Hall
9th XI L 9-0 Alexandra Park 10th XI 21/03 SAL Away
10th XI - No fixture 30/03 --- ---
Vets - Old Suttonians Vets 05/04 FRIE Away
Super Vets - Pikeys Strong Down The Left XI 29/03 CHAR Hayes

Upcoming Fixtures

Team Opponent Date Comp Location
1st XI Alexandra Park 1st XI 05/09 14:00 SAL Away
2nd XI Old Parkonians 2nd XI 05/09 15:00 SAL Away
3rd XI Merton 3rd XI 05/09 14:00 FRIE Coney Hall
4th XI Dorkinians 3rd XI 05/09 15:30 FRIE Away
5th XI Merton 5th XI 05/09 13:00 FRIE Away
6th XI Old Sedcopians 5th XI 05/09 14:00 FRIE Away
7th XI Dorkinians 4th XI 05/09 13:45 FRIE Away
8th XI Bank of England 4th XI 05/09 10:45 FRIE Hawes Down
9th XI Bank of England 5th XI 05/09 10:45 FRIE Hawes Down
10th XI TBA
Vets Lloyds of London Vets 27/09 10:30 FRIE Hayes
Super Vets Cudham Super Vets 29/11 10:30 FRIE Hayes