Togger Is Back! New Players Wanted

Togger Is Back! New Players Wanted

September 28th, 2015

Togger is back, and we are looking for new players! Click here for all the details on how to enter and win yourself some money

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OWFC Newsletter No. 1558

OWFC Newsletter No. 1558

September 28th, 2015

A number of teams struggle, with only 2 wins from a possible 9

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Annual Subs Are Now Due

Annual Subs Are Now Due

August 27th, 2015

Time to pay your annual subs. No pay, no play

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OWFC Online Shop

OWFC Online Shop

July 30th, 2013

The OWFC shop is now here for all your matchday and training needs. 5% of all sales go straight into the club accounts.

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Latest Team Results

Team Score Opponent Date Comp Loc
1st XI L 4-1 Winchmore Hill 1st XI 03/10 SAL Away
2nd XI W 2-0 Lloyds AFC 2nd XI 03/10 SKAF Hayes
3rd XI L 5-3 Old Owens 3rd XI 03/10 SAL Away
4th XI L 1-4 Actonians Association 5th XI 03/10 SAL Hawes Down
5th XI W 0-1 Actonians Association 7th XI 03/10 SAL Away
6th XI L 1-5 Ibis Eagles 5th XI 03/10 SAL Hawes Down
7th XI L 0-6 Winchmore Hill 7th XI 03/10 AFA Hayes
8th XI L 6-2 Bank of England 5th XI 03/10 ISEH Away
9th XI L 9-1 Civil Service 8th XI 26/09 ISEH Away
10th XI - No fixture 30/03 --- ---
Vets - Lloyds of London Vets 27/09 FRIE Hayes
Super Vets W 4-2 Crofton SuperVets 13/09 CHAR Hayes

Upcoming Fixtures

Team Opponent Date Comp Location
1st XI NUFC Oilers 1st XI 10/10 15:00 SAL Hayes
2nd XI Winchmore Hill 2nd XI 10/10 15:00 SAL Away
3rd XI Old Stationers 3rd XI 10/10 15:00 SAL Hayes
4th XI Old Woodhouseians 4th XI 10/10 14:15 AFA Away
5th XI Old Salesians 2nd XI 10/10 15:00 SAL Hawes Down
6th XI Old Finchleians 6th XI 17/10 15:00 OBC Away
7th XI Old Suttonians 6th XI 10/10 15:00 LOBC Away
8th XI Civil Service 8th XI 10/10 15:00 SAL Away
9th XI Ibis Eagles 6th XI 10/10 15:00 ISEH Hawes Down
10th XI TBA
Vets UCL Academicals Vets 18/10 10:30 LOB Hayes
Super Vets Cudham Super Vets 29/11 10:30 FRIE Hayes